Dave Matthias


Do you live, breathe and bleed dance music as much as Dave Matthias? If you’ve never heard the name then the chances are unlikely. He's filled most roles in the industry that most never accomplish.

He set out on a mission .......

A Broadcast Communications major, Dave originally started his media career in television production back in 1985. After 5 years of TV production he made a transition into radio starting out as a production assistant. "Audio production & alternative and electronic music was much more appealing to me... I produced commercials, radio station imaging & promos, edited music, you name it! Music had always been such an integral part of my life I knew I was destined to do something with it."

However, Dave Matthias' career was definitely no overnight success story...

Developing a thorough & comprehensive knowledge of alternative rock and dance-radio formats, in 1992 Matthias left a highly coveted major market San Francisco radio station gig at KITS/LIVE 105 FM to get closer to the streets. He started dj'ing various nightclubs in the San Francisco Bay Area where he quickly developed a name for himself within the dance community. That led to countless bookings and gigs all across the U.S. 

In 1994, Matthias became a Billboard Magazine Dance Chart Reporter (USA). One of only 115 A-list dj's in the U.S. to determine the world's #1 Dance Chart. A weekly chart published in Billboard Magazine that determined a songs chart position rankings based solely on club play by the 115 dj's weekly reports. Receiving full promotional service from major and independent record labels, a Billboard Dance Chart Reporter was one of most prestigious and coveted titles (bragging rights) that a recognized and accomplished dj could have. To this day Matthias was one of two of the longest-running active Billboard Magazine Dance Chart reporters in the U.S. (26 years). Reporting directly to Billboard Magazine on a weekly basis as well as reporting to the respective record labels every week. 26 years straight he remained a Billboard Magazine Dance Chart Reporter, all the way up until the chart was put on hold in 2020 due to COVID. The Billboard Dance Chart eventually was completely dissolved after that point and to this day is no longer published. That has now paved the way for Music Week (UK) to become the #1 dance chart worldwide recognized by the music industry and electronic music enthusiasts alike.

With his club experience, vast knowledge of Alternative Rock, Modern Rock Of The 80's and EDM, 1995-96 brought him numerous nightclub gigs & residency on two different radio stations hosting his radio mix-shows on-air. Tuesday nights 10p-12a "The Matthias Mix" could be heard on the Santa Rosa, California PBS station, KBBF 89.1 FM. And of course, the highly recognized and highly acclaimed, "St. John's Playhouse" could be heard on San Francisco's #1 dance station, KYLD/WILD 107 FM Saturday nights 2-4a. 

Matthias is responsible for the official radio-edit mixes of Armand Van Heldens' classic smash-hit "The Funk Phenomena" which was commercially released on Atlantic/Henry Street Records.

It was off to the races from there and helped lead to the release of the 1st licensed dj mix-cd compilation "St. John's Playhouse, Fierce Club Classics mixed by Dave Matthias" on Sony Music/UBL Recordings for San Francisco's KYLD/WILD 107 FM. Which subsequently led to "The B52's Mega-Mix Medley's: Time Capsule Songs For A Future Generation" mixed by Dave Matthias. A limited-edition promotional vinyl & cd release to promote "Time Capsule" album released in 1998 on Warner Bros./Reprise Records. Followed by "In My House, There's A Disco" in January 2000 on StreetBeat Records/UBL Recordings. Loleatta Holloway - Queen Of The Night: The Ultimate Club Collection mixed by Dave Matthias in 2001 on Capitol Records. Then "Future Sounds Of Trance 1 mixed by Dave Matthias" in 2002 on UBL Recordings. And subsequently 11 more internationally released licensed mixed compilations were to follow. View Discography > Mix Compilations to view them all.

His radio mix-shows have been syndicated internationally and currently air weekly on over 40 stations worldwide. In addition, they can be heard on most podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Amazon Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Deezer & more which have collectively accrued over 50 million streams.

Not only has he become known for his radio and production skillset, his attention to detail, impeccable and seamless mixing skills, Dave Matthias has continued to garner chart success as a bona fide music producer and remixer. His remixes as well as his own singles continue to hit home with his signature House & Club sound. Several of his remix projects have seen #1, Top 5 & Top 10 chart positions on Billboard Dance Chart (US) and Music Week (UK) for some of today's biggest artists. Jennifer Lopez, Dua Lipa, Rihanna, Bebe Rexha, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, Ellie Goulding, Alan Walker and Toni Braxton just to name a few.

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Now with a couple of decades experience under his belt in several capacities of the music industry, Dave Matthias is without a doubt an influential force in today's electronic dance music community worldwide.

Highlights >

• 13 Dave Matthias Remixes have hit #1 on Billboard Dance Chart Top 50 (US) since 2011
• 18 Dave Matthias Remixes have hit Top 5 on Billboard Dance Chart Top 50 (US) and Music Week (UK) since 2011
• 28 Dave Matthias Remixes have hit Top 10 on Billboard Dance Chart Top 50 (US) 
and Music Week (UK) since 2011
• 98 Dave Matthias Remixes have hit Billboard Dance Chart Top 50 (US) since 2011
• Major-market radio, production, remix production
• Internationally recognized music producer, remixer, dj, syndicated mixshows, podcasts
Over 1 million licensed mix-cd compilations sold worldwide on various record labels
• Over 200+ major-label remix productions & 16 internationally released dance compilations
• One of only 2 of the longest-running Billboard Magazine Dance Chart Reporters (US), 26 years
• Influential figure in today's music industry

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