Press Kit

• 13 Dave Matthias Remixes have hit #1 on Billboard Dance Chart Top 50 (US) since 2011
• 98 Dave Matthias Remixes on Billboard Dance Chart Top 50 (US) from 2011-2020
• Major-market radio, production, remix production
• Internationally recognized music producer, remixer, dj, syndicated mixshows, podcasts
• Over 850,000+ licensed dance compilations sold worldwide on various record labels

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• Over 200+ major-label remix productions & 16 internationally released dance compilations
• Influential force in the music industry

Now with 25+ years of experience in several capacities, countless accolades, remix projects that have seen #1, Top 5 & Top 10 positions on Billboard Dance Chart (US) and Music Week (UK), Dave Matthias and his signature sound is hands down an influential force in today's electronic dance music community worldwide.


    Losing Control